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AOI General Trading provides outsourcing services in the field of Design of electronics and PCB design. While working with us you will have free engineering support and technical consultations.

Technical consultations and engineering support for our customers
Once the order for printed circuit boards production was placed at AOI our engineering department will follow such tasks:
  • Design data analysis, considering each custom requirement
  • Verification of the technological parameters of printed circuit boards
  • Provides recommendations on avoiding technological faults
  • Forms data sheets for manufacturer in accordance with factory approved norms and requirements
We provide consultations on following issues:
  • Printed circuit boards manufacturing technologies
  • Correct Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
  • Selection of materials, surface finishing and PCB stack-up
  • Printed circuit boards topology optimization
  • Impedance calculation
  • Panel design
Under  customer’s approvement a necessary modification of the source PCB project is performed.
AOI General Trading provides additional output quality control for all printed circuit boards. On customer’s request additional parameters can be checked such as warpage,  layer stack-up, microsection analysis etc.
PCB Design
Engineering department of AOI can design following PCBs:
  • Multilayer PCBs
  • Multilayer PCBs with blind and buried vias – HDI PCBs
  • Backplane
  • Flex and rigid-flex PCBs
  • PCBs with high-speed digital and analog-to-digital interfaces
  • Metal core PCBs
Printed Circuit Boards are designed according to IPC Standards and rules for Design For Manufacturing (DFM) and Design For Assembly (DFA).
We can fulfill such jobs:
  • Calculate and design multilayer PCB stack-up
  • Analysis and simulation of signal integrity
  • Thermal calculation
By ordering printed circuit boards design at AOI General Trading you can get benefits from experience of skilled engineers and modern design technology that could let you reduce the lead time to market.
Outsourcing design of electronics
AOI General Trading’s specialization:
  • FPGA and DSP-based digital signal processing systems
  • A/D and D/A modules
  • SoC and SoM embedded platforms
  • Industrial modules according to CompactPCI, VME and VPX specification
Advantages of cooperation with AOI:
  • High effectiveness of design process
  • Company’s rich experience in design field
  • Using time-tested technology solutions
Experienced AOI:
  • Mathematical methods and tools for solution finding
  • Functional simulation. Thermal calculation and signal integrity simulation
  • Criteria optimization: cost, power consumption, integration, performance, reliability
  • Modern CAE design

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