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About Us

AOI General Trading is the distributor of a number of printed circuit boards manufacturers, manufacturers of materials for the manufacture of plastic cards, auto parts suppliers in South-East Asia region. We are always focused on customer’s needs and ready to offer you a full range of services for the supply of products from Southeast Asia.

Co-operating with AOI

you will get following benefits:

Selected Factories

Engineering Support



Easy and fast Communication

AOI General Trading maintains long-term relations with the leading manufacturers in South-East Asia. Constant monitoring of manufacturers’ market, regular inspections of the factories, knowledge of technical capabilities and knowing stock materials nomenclature are letting us to fit all customer’s requirements.

The main criteria of approving the factory to co-operation with is presence of certified manufacturing facility, availability of modern equipment and of qualified staff.

These criteria will let us obtain high quality product.

AOI General Trading is offering full engineering support for each and every project. Our engineers are analyzing all the source project data and forming technical data sheets for the factory in according with their requirements.

Years of experience of AOI engineers allow us to provide our customers with technical consultations in order to find optimal solution for manufacturing PCB. We can consult you on which material is better to use, which finishing to choose, consult on PCB topology optimization, impedance calculation, panel design etc.

AOI General Trading always delivers your goods to the required destination on time. Our logistic experts will offer you the best price with the optimal logistic scheme taking into consideration your inquiry.

Possible ways of delivery:

  • Express delivery

  • Delivery by air

  • Delivery by sea


We can provide you with storage services and cargo consolidation as well.

All goods are shipped in a proper package in order to avoid damaging during transportation. Each shipment has test reports.

AOI General Trading is a connection link between customer and manufacturers and shipping companies. AOI PCB Engineering Lab is representing your interests in the region where manufacturer is located. We will take care of all difficulties in communication with factories and shipping companies as well. Working with us you always can count on professional support during each stage of manufacturing process and shipment period.


AOI gives warranty for all boards 6 months from the date of production. Electric control is performed for all boards.

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